Between writing new music while visiting the world’s most scenic cities, and working alongside various record labels to promote his singles, Kirkby is an obvious rarity in the world of music. Few artists share his ability to combine such a tough exterior with soft and sensitive vocals reminiscent of artists like Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

With a unique sound that is the embodiment of alternative pop infused with sexy Contemporary R&B melodies, Kirkby’s lyrical stories draw upon common life experiences in ways that all fans can relate to. And with his soft and compassionate personality radiating from every line, it is no wonder some of Kirkby’s songs feel like a perfect addition to a candlelight conversation between two lovers.

When he isn’t busy advancing his music career, the muscular and tattooed Kirkby can be found spending time with his wife and five daughters. The soft spoken artist from the UK enjoys travelling and holidaying internationally and sampling food at prestigious restaurants all over the world. He is particularly fond of reading about technology and science, exploring new business ideas as an entrepreneur, and training at Kirkbys’ Gym.

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