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Kirkby - Singer, Songwriter, Composer

I’m so grateful that you took time out of your day to visit Kirkby World! Introductions are definitely in order. My name is Kirkby and I am a singer, songwriter, and composer from the United Kingdom. I love to experiment with several music genres but much of my time right now is focused on making personal contributions to the pop and house genres.

Music is a passion and a blessing

Fans have asked me why I love pop and house music. It is because I’ve always felt the pop genre is full of endless diversity and directions and paths that can be followed. I have a daily routine in which I dig through piles of music compositions, everything from classic to modern, to help myself get into the mood I need to be in to work on my own creations.

Studying those past compositions is an important part of growing as a professional singer and songwriter. I find a great deal of inspiration from artists like Michael Jackson and Prince. These are artists who have found a way to remain relevant in the music industry for decades. Pop music has grown so much over the past thirty years and house works for almost any club, dance floor, or atmosphere. I want to have the staying power of somebody like the King of Pop and Prince.

And music has given so much to me as an individual. I’ve been able to travel all over the world and co-write with many talented artists in countries like Romania, Spain, Greece, France, and the United States. I feel so blessed for the gifts that music has given me.

Lyrics and Music should have Meaning

When I am composing songs, I always look for the most memorable and harmonious way to communicate my message to my audience. A song is a piece of art that is something much greater than all of its individual parts. My creations are influenced by old school music and melodies and have soulful and deep compositions that a person can enjoy whether they are on a dance floor or at home.

Music is such a powerful tool because it has the ability to affect a person’s thoughts and decisions. And, at the same time, it is deeply personal because sharing my music is sharing all of my passions with my audiences. That is why your opinion of my art is so important to me. I want what I create to resonate in your soul and spirit. When I know a song that I composed left you feeling moved gives me an incredible sense of accomplishment.

Get to know me and my music

Kirkby World is here for you. I would love for you to take some time to explore my official music website where you can learn more about my life and music career as well as check out some of my best songs and music videos, including the video for The Way She.

Additionally, I am always eager to work with various musical styles and explore new directions. That means I am open to experiment with music by collaborating with other composers and songwriters from all over the world.

If you would like to discuss terms of booking or cooperation, please leave a message on my Contact page.

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